"Idaion Andron"

Folklore Museum

"Idaion Andron" Folklore Museum of Art & Tradition

The new Folklore Museum of Art & Tradition is housed in the "KOURITES" Cultural Heritage Center and is proudly named after Idaion Andron. Idaion Andron is a cave on Mount Idis (Psiloritis) where, according to Greek mythology, Zeus was raised.

Its entrance was guarded by Kourites (mythical figures). Every time infant Zeus cried, Kourites danced a very intense and rapid dance. This dance made their heavy armor rattle and, combined with the strong stamping of their feet on the ground, covered the infant's cries.

Our new Folklore Museum of Art & Tradition, "Idaion Andron," is our own "cave" that preserves, saves, and spreads the folk art of our place.

The "KOURITES" Folklore Society counts 35 years of experience and action in cultural and religious events in our country. Thanks to the support and assistance of the members, partners, and friends of the Society, "Idaion Andron" came to have at its disposal rare and unique objects of different folk arts from many regions of Greece.

In the new museum, visitors will encounter exhibits related to folk arts, such as iconography, weaving, embroidery, instrument making, woodcarving, goldsmithing, pottery, cutlery, and blacksmithing. Also, they will have the chance to admire unique handmade items, such as traditional costumes, rosaries, war relics, rare photographic material, books, and much more.

Our new museum will be accessible to the general public, schools, and every friend of the Greek tradition from the beginning of October.

An appointment is required for school visits.


«You and tradition, closer than ever...»




Opening Hours

Monday : 19.00-22.30
Tuesday : 18.00-22.30
Wednesday : 18.00-22.30
Thursday : 20.30-22.30
Sunday : 18.00-20.30


Strigari 5,
Agios Dimitrios, Attica,
173 43
(Near the Metro Station “Dafni”)

Tel.: +30 21 7000 1000