On the 27th and 28th of October 2014, KOURITES and the Association of Chromonastiri "PANAGIA KERA" transferred the worship of the Four Martyrs to the Holy Monastery of Agios Stefanos, Meteora. There, they presented an icon of the Four Martyrs with Saint Charalambos, which was placed in the katholikon of the Church of Saint Charalambos. They also offered a handmade carved silver knife, the first with the image of Saint Charalambos, which was placed in an elegant case.

In turn, the Abbess of the Holy Monastery of Agios Stefanos in Meteora gave Pattakomanolis an icon of the Virgin Mary with Christ. A copy of this icon adorns the monastery's katholicon, where a prayer of honor for Pattakomanolis and KOURITES is written on the back.


«You and tradition, closer than ever...»




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