Live dance & music

courses and seminars

Learn traditional dances and music at our Center.

At KOURITES, our goal is to preserve, rescue, and spread the Greek and Cretan traditions through the courses and seminars we offer to our students.


We have the experience and the passion to teach those interested in learning, our love for the Greek tradition in general and the Cretan culture and way of thinking in particular.

Useful information for all prospective new students:

What do we teach?
  • Traditional dances from Crete and other parts of Greece
  • Singing and traditional musical instruments (Cretan lyra, mandolin, Cretan laguto, etc.)

«You and tradition, closer than ever...»




Opening Hours

Monday : 19.00-22.30
Tuesday : 18.00-22.30
Wednesday : 18.00-22.30
Thursday : 20.30-22.30
Sunday : 18.00-20.30


Strigari 5,
Agios Dimitrios, Attica,
173 43
(Near the Metro Station “Dafni”)

Tel.: +30 21 7000 1000