Cultural Heritage Center

Preservation and dissemination of our cultural heritage

Our many years of experience in Cretan dance, our love for the Cretan tradition, and our confidence in the timelessness of folk roots led us to establish this center…

…whose purpose is the teaching of Cretan traditional dances by pioneer dancers of the "KOURITES" Folklore Society and of Cretan musical instruments. We also organize seminars on the folk arts of Crete that tend to disappear over time, envisioning the continuity of our customs enriched with new ideas by young people. We believe that our experience in Cretan events is significant to take another step in the rooting of Cretan Tradition.

The center offers:

  • Cretan traditional dance lessons from our group's leading dancers
  • Cretan musical instrument lessons from renowned musicians
  • Courses on Cretan traditional songs
  • Byzantine music and vocal lessons
  • Seminars on Cretan folk arts that tend to disappear

Contact us to learn more about the available dance, singing, and musical instrument courses.


«You and tradition, closer than ever...»




Opening Hours

Monday : 19.00-22.30
Tuesday : 18.00-22.30
Wednesday : 18.00-22.30
Thursday : 20.30-22.30
Sunday : 18.00-20.30


Strigari 5,
Agios Dimitrios, Attica,
173 43
(Near the Metro Station “Dafni”)

Tel.: +30 21 7000 1000